I don’t understand why you want me to write about this, it’s really not that big a deal. Still, I’m going to do it because you said it may help me remember more.

I don’t remember all that happened, though it’s slowly coming back to me. As for when this happened, I’m not sure. It might’ve just been a dream, but I don’t know why it’s all coming back to me now.

I remember it was a Saturday night, because I was setting up my weekly Twitch stream. I didn’t have many subscribers, and still don’t, so I didn’t expect viewers other than the normal ten. I started the stream, and began playing… some random game. I don’t remember. Everything was going fine, I think, before I got a weird comment on the stream. It said something dumb, like “suicide tree”, or something like that. I remember it was followed by three love letter emojis, which was… kind of weird.

I shrugged it off and continued playing. The rest of the night went well, and I slept well after the stream ended. But, I remember waking up in the middle of the night. I was in the woods. There was a young girl in a dress, she had pitch black hair. Black veins lined her arms and face. She was dancing. Two boys grabbed my arms and held me there. A man wearing a cloak and a lavender mask walked up to me. He took some tools out of his jacket, and started piercing my skin. He used more tools to cut and dig at my flesh, puss and blood dripping on the ground and his cloak.

The two boys took me, wrapped my arms around a tree, and handcuffed me. The older boy took a syringe and injected something into my bloodstream. My skin started erupting, blood squirting everywhere. The man in the cloak took off my glasses, and began poking needles into my eyes. The younger boy chopped off my fingers, and from what I could hear, fed them to the girl. I passed out from the pain.

I remember when I woke up my hands were covered in dirt. It was probably a dream, but the pain felt so real. It all felt real. I could still feel the pain. Though, I only looked as if I was digging with my hands. I had to wash those sheets, they were covered in dirt now. Which sucked, as I had just put them on the bed the day before. However, I had noticed something in the sheets. I think it was a piece of paper… yeah, it was. It had something written on it but I can’t quite remember. Something about a rabbit.

I sort of brushed this off, but then I had to come to an appointment with you. You had finished a meeting with some guy named Daniel, I think, when you gestured me in. The meeting was the usual, but I never told you about the dirt, or the paper, or the weird Twitch comment. But, sometime during the meeting, I remember something catching my eye. I spaced out looking at her. It was a woman, I think. Outside the window, in the woods. She had blue hair and was wearing some type of mask. I think it had bunny ears. I remember the eyes were in the shape of Xs. You snapped me out of the trance.

Now, to the thing that’s slowly returning to me. It was last Tuesday. I was driving home from my mom’s house. I took the back roads because I don’t like traffic, you know? Anyways, it was around 10 or 11pm I think. I was slowly falling asleep, but I saw something in the road that jolted me awake.

When I saw it, I jumped, and my glasses fell off. I stopped the car, so I could put my glasses back on. When I looked back up, she was on the hood of my car. The woman in the rabbit mask. I remember it being made of burlap, and only covering her face. I think there was blood on it, staining in a way that looked like two crossed out eyes and a messy mouth. I remember something urging me to go outside. I had to.

From there, I don’t remember much. I remember her giving me orders. I remember the constant headaches. I remember the pain of it all. I remember one part of it all very vividly. She brought me into the woods, and she cut out a piece of my skin. She carved some symbol into it, and took my arm. She examined the scars on my wrists. She said something along the lines of, “Just like me,” I think. Everything past that is very spotty. I remember a group of teenagers, two boys and a girl. I remember blood. I remember a man in a lavender mask. I remember darkness. I remember blood. I remember pain.

I woke up in my bed, nude and covered in blood and dirt. I took a shower, got dressed, and came to you for my appointment. You said I had missed two weeks worth of meetings. I didn’t know what had happened. You gave me this journal to write down what I remembered. And that’s where I am now. I’m finishing writing this, and am about to go to our meeting today.


Katelyn Rouge, age 23, had driven her car into East Bay Mental Health Center. This journal was found in her car next to her. Her body was found with all internal organs removed, and her glasses gone. Any leads as to the culprit of this heinous crime are welcome and appreciated.

I'm back don't worry!! 💌💌 Scarlett won't be hurt anymore....

— Scab Rabbit (@scab_rabbit) January 14, 2021