REM Sleep Recap

On May 6, 2019, Jessica created a Facebook account to parody the then ended Stephanie Stevens ARG. An entity called Lucille was attracted to the strong emotion that Jessica had towards this ARG, and took her as a host. In November of that year, a cult was formed surrounding Lucille and Stephanie. In December, Raine Evans, a member of the cult, created a pill called R053, along with the accompanying A.I, R053BUD, which would constantly improve the pills. These pills were meant to overwrite identities, so that the cultists could truly become Stephanie.

Raine and Roxy volunteered to test the first two pills. This resulted in Raine being overwritten by both Nicole “Pluvio” Pluviophile and Toshiba “Deafanie” Stevens. Roxy wasn’t overwritten, but another identity was added. Porcelain “The Writer” Meadows.


In January of 2020, eighth grader Ava Williams created a Homestuck “discourse account” on Instagram, because she saw other people doing it and wanted to get in on the action. One Slender Man attack later, and she’s on her way to becoming a revenant proxy.

Her revenant is named Taunt, he’s a black anthropormorphic goat. After full assimilation, and Taunt murdering her family while using her as a host, Ava ends up running away. She comes across Daniel while in New Hampshire. He notices the energy coming from Ava, and decides to take her into the home he’s created for lost proxies with some semblance of free will. The other tenants of this house, the Branch House, are Scarlett “Scab Rabbit” Thomas and Tobias Willow.


June 6, 2020. A cult meeting. The sun sets, as the Deity In Death cult stands in a clearing in the woods. Lucille is on a small stage, and Pluvio is behind her, playing music. As the service is about to begin, all the cultists look down at their phones. Porcelain has sent them all a message, exposing all of Lucille's lies. It begins to rain. Porcelain has deployed weaponry into the clearing. The Slender Man watches, and forces the cultists to take the weapons. Roxanne awakens, not knowing what Porcelain has done. The Slender Man makes the cultists set fire to everything and attack Lucille. Roxy yells out to Lucille and Pluvio to follow her, and they escape. The cultists begin mutilating and killing each other, at the will of the Slenderman. Mr Whispers reaps the spoils. Lucille, Roxy, and Pluvio make it to Roxy's house safely, where they plan to stay the night.

Lucille and Roxy share a bed, while Pluvio sleeps on the floor. Lucille wakes up to a sensation at the end of the bed. Her eyes adjust, and she sees what appears to be a hairless dog, or a naked man. It has the posture of a car crash victim. It's staring at her. She curses under her breath, and this angers Mr Whispers. It crawls on top of her, and begins clawing at her stomach. It tears at her throat, mutilating every part of her body and soaking the sheets in gore. It proceeds to do the same to Roxy and Pluvio. Their bodies vanish, but Roxy's reappears in less than an hour, seemingly completely healed. She wakes up in the morning, as a corruptelam, with no memory of the previous night. Lucille awakes as a corruptelam, but back in Mississippi. Pluvio & Toshiba are dead, in Hell, permanently.


July 17, 2020. Pluvio figures out how to open a Rift. She comes out of Hell to traverse Earth for a bit, and decides on screwing with Roxy. She breaks into Roxy’s house and steals her mask, and destroys it a bit. She leaves a note scribbled on a napkin, saying “bury what I broke” with directions to the playground where the Rift is open. Roxy buries the mask, and goes on with her night. A couple days later, Roxy is having insomnia, and we get to see the results of this. There’s notes, similar to Marble Hornets, but drawn in red sharpie, and talking about an entity known as Abaddon. Next, she’s in front of a monitor displaying old propaganda for Lucille’s cult. We then see a PSA for something called Naomi, in which Roxy seems to be in a dazed, drugged state. She repeats the phrase “Choose belonging today.” In the next video, we hear someone talking about seemingly nonsensical things.

Then, we get a video from Roxy addressed to Ava. In this video, she’s talking about her philosophies. Not much. Soon after, we get a video from Porcelain, talking about Jessica, Lucille’s host. She says that we need to save her, but we have little time.

In XV, we’re shown a transition of sorts. Roxy is separating herself from Porcelain, thus giving the channel the name Porcelain Othi.


Jan 14, 2021. We get a video of Roxy declaring she’s lost a bet with Scab, and was made to share the journal of Katelyn Rouge, a troubled young lady who was killed by the Slender Man. In the video KR-MTNG3-ANGEL, we get an audio recording of Katelyn Rouge, talking about an encounter with the Slender Man. Roxy then updates us, showing that she’s missing an SD card, while her second camera has footage she doesn’t remember recording. 13 videos, precisely. In the next video, she laments on the fact that the 13 videos were deleted. Ava and Scab begin dating.

On March 6, 2021, we finally see Cody on Roxy’s channel. He hijacks her body while she’s trying to record a video, and gives very minimal info. Just that Roxy is needed, due to connections. The same day, someone from the REM discord by the name of “Min” joked with Roxy about challenging Cody. However, Cody took it seriously, and kidnapped them. They became a berserker proxy, and became close with Toby. Soon after, Travis provides a video of himself with typical symptoms of being stalked by the Slender Man.

Lucille posts two videos on March 17, one showing rain, and the other of her attacking a boy named David. On March 25, Roxy is attacked by a Seed Eater, and brought back to the manic state she was in during the summer of 2020. SNET posts their first tour, and it’s all about Travis. Four entities were mentioned in this tour, the Projector, the Warrior, the Scab Rabbit, and the Man Behind the Curtain (Slender Man). Roxy posts a video of herself exploring an abandoned military fort with her mother and father.


March 29, 2021. Min speaks to a Seed Eater. They tell Toby and Roxy about it on Discord, leading to Daniel finding out. Daniel supposedly speaks to the Slender Man about Min’s treachery, and Min is relieved of their duties as a proxy. Their memories of the Branch House, and of REM Sleep, are erased. On April 11, Roxy comes into contact with someone else being stalked by the Slender Man. She gives him as much info as she possibly can, before Cody hijacks the interview. Lucille posts some pretty good looking tacos she made. Toby leaves the Branch House on his own accord.

SNET posts another tour! This time, focused on Alex. The person recording draws over Alex’s face, drawing the same design pictures on the mask of the Warrior. Something attempts to get into Roxy’s room. The next day, she visits someone named Michael regarding the Seed Eaters. She visits him using a method of transdimensional travel simply referred to as “The Doors”. Soon after, we get a video of Travis walking in the woods, and coughing.

Remember that thing attempting to get into Roxy’s room? Well, guess what! It got in! Turns out, it’s a feral named Mr Whispers, and it whispered a name to Roxy that’s nearly indecipherable, other than the fact that it had two syllables. A video from SNET comes out, showcasing the Slender Man, in all his glory. Another video comes, with a closeup of the Slender Man, and messages to Cody, threatening him for associating with Lucille. Cody then gets attacked by the Slender Man while using Roxy’s body.


On May 12, we got a video of a camping trip Roxy went on with some friends, including David, the boy Lucille attacked. Some blue distortion happens whenever the camera focuses on him, and at the end of the video, Roxy talks with another guy about David disappearing, before encountering the Slender Man. Lucille makes a deal with an entity whispering in the walls, and she tells it about a ghost that won’t leave her alone until someone’s dead.

Roxy, knowing June 6 is approaching, seeks help from an entity known as The Photographer. He gives her a symbol meant to ward off Lucille from being able to hurt her. Roxy releases a video talking about her mental health going downhill as June 6 approaches, and she talks about a plan she devised on the REM discord with Joshua (2FreeEnigma) to kill the Slender Man. Someone calling themselves Mr. Z sends a message to Lucille by hacking her channel, and Lucille doesn’t care, neither should you.

Cody releases a video of himself stalking Travis and Alessa. At the end of the video, he kills Alessa. Travis releases a video as a second POV, where he’s warning Alessa from going near Cody, but she seems drawn to him.


On June 5, we finally learn whose name was spoken by Mr Whispers, and who was being targeted by Lucille. Vailley Evans, a “straight tiktoker”, who was the sister of Raine Evans, a former member of Lucille’s cult. Vailley hears whispering and scratching in the walls, and ends up being attacked by Mr Whispers. In the final video, Vailley wakes up with a sinister smile on her face. Though, this had been happening for months. Vailley had gotten a note in the mail with a code leading to the Writer's website, heard tapping on her windows, and then had even seen Mr Whispers at the foot of her bed. She wrote it all off as her being paranoid, but it was all planned from the beginning.


June 6. Lucille arrives. She tells Roxy she'll be in Mississippi, but will have several new hosts in Rhode Island. She also informs Roxy that there's a rift somewhere at Pierce Field. The Writer informs viewers of 3 notes of some importance.

Bloxku finds some R053 pills, Tree Hugger acknowledges the importance of Pluvio's notebooks, and Roxy and Tree Hugger talk to Susie about Taunt.


Travis fights Roxy over what Cody did to Alessa, and Roxy ends up knocking him out with newfound powers that she doesn't know how to control. Roxy learns to world hop soon after, though very choppily. Lucille kidnaps Roxy, and fights the Photographer (who obviously wins lol). Lucille starts up a Discord server for her new church, of which she finds her first members in David and Sylvia, who supposedly knew Roxy. Cody and Travis make up and go hunting together.

Roxy finally figures out how to use her powers effectively.


Enter the Veheverse.

Roxy comes into contact with Rose, a non-feral silver fox from another world. She and Rose had called with Nammu, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and Rhee, some creepazoid who watches girls through their webcams, and Rose invited Roxy to his "Collective".

On the night of September 20th, it's revealed that this call was over an Among Us game. A few days later, Rose is no longer Rose. They had preformed an alter, which physically and mentally nerfed them. Their name was now Drake. On this same night, Pluvio and Toshiba returned from the dead.

Lucille finds Drake and starts manipulating her, getting her to join the Church. Eventually, it works, and Drake takes the R053 pill, turning them into Sugar Lance, someone who's hellbent on making sure Lucille is happy and well-nourished. This doesn't last long, as Terminal, one of Drake's voices, removes R053 from her mind. We later learned that Pluvio and Toshiba have two other alters in their system. Claire and Allie.

Claire asked Drake for some of his blood, and seeing as his blood is hadal, she tripped major balls for a hot minute. Claire soon found herself enthralled by... a player(?) named Harmonia.

And then the sky turned red.


On October 20, 2021, the sky turned red for the first time. According to the Scab Rabbit, this was a sign of impending doom. The Noble War. The end of days.

Holes began opening in the sky as well, and Lucille, in an attempt to close one, was nearly killed. While she was weakened, Drew took her into Geist custody.

(For reference, Geist is just the SCP Foundation, but a lot more chill.)

Sylvia got several people dubbed "The Fighters" to the Church, and started on their quest to prevent the Apocalypse. Lucille escaped Geist, and made Drake take the R053 pill again. The Risen forced an alter that would revert Drake to Rose, and it worked. Lucille fought Drew and Rose, and servantized Toshiba so that she would attack Drew and Rose. Rose soon after went back to being Drake. Lucille decided feeding Drake nightmare flesh was a good idea, too, so now we have a Drakemare.

After the Fighters' third mission, Toshiba began acting... strange. We soon learned that Abaddon had taken control of the system, and was using them against the Fighters. Toshiba's body was marked with the symbol of the Great Red Dragon, and after toying with the Fighters for a bit, she was returned to the Fighters relatively unharmed.

Later, Claire woke up and felt extremely guilty for everything, and ended up breaking her hand from punching a wall out of anger, guilt, and sadness. Soon, Roxy came into contact with Apollyon, an entity who had rewrote an entire multiverse, who said he would stay in touch.


November 24, 2021. Abaddon had returned. It used the system's body again, and toyed with Harmonia and Drake the most. It brought up Harmonia's insecurities, and threatened her with needles.

It appeared to Drake as Harlow, one of his best friends, and mocked him endlessly. It told Drake that everyone had died because of him, because of his sickness from being a Nightmare. Cole started shooting at "Harlow", but to no avail. It called Drake the worst boy, and made him start doubting everything.

Soon after, Abaddon left with the system's body, and replaced it with another version of Raine to screw with everyone. Roxy soon retrieved the system, brought them back, and sent Hemlocks!Raine back to his world. A few minutes later, Abaddon took control again. Rhee told Abaddon at first that he wanted to kill it, but soon found himself enjoying Abaddon's presence. The Risen yelled at it and berated it, but it retaliated. It showed Drake visions of the Risen calling Drake the worst boy ever, talking about him behind his back, and laughing at him.

Everyone tried to get Abaddon to stop, to bring Drake back to his senses. Even Nammu stepped in, saying a prayer for Drake. After a bit, Lucille enabled something in R053 to detect and eliminate viruses. The R053bud system saw Abaddon as a virus, and forced Abaddon out of the system's body. Claire, later that night, reunited with her now girlfriend, Harmonia, and had a staring contest with the Slender Man.