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Plush's Notes (REM Sleep Server)

Daniel (DJ): monster with tentacles and lots of eyes but blind. Keeps Carl company

Carl: Dead. Connected to Peach.

william: Drowned Carl, but is still cute looking.

Peach: Scary dead woman. Connected to Carl.

Mr. Whispers: He is the frumious Bandersnatch. He is an archangel. Scary white creature with black eyes. Should not walk like that.

Pluvio: Image on the left of Ro53 advert

David Sutcliff: Man speaking in the bg of rose advert. Gone now


In text on the advert:

are you ever sad? you might want to resort to warching tv. what if i said there was a more simple way? introducing ro53. Ro53 will turn you from this.. To this!!! Try ro53 after next meeting behind the cathedral.


David Sutcliff in bg

"if you wish to murder my family in the dead of night from start to finish you must first invent the universe."

Dewyyeyed's Notes (REM Sleep Server)

Character Notes

Lucille Daffadyl Asterisk (Jessica Azalea Lawson)

Became interested in Stephanie Stevens. She replicated the persona and joined an online community where she meets imnotevenrealami, Raine Evans, and Othi Meadows. She creates a cult, called Deity in Death, leading to Raine's creation of the R053. Murdered by Mr. Whispers, can cross between Hell and Earth.


Developed the R053 after an obsession with Stephanie Stevens. Raine volunteered to test the pill. Becoming a Host, they become inhabited by Nytophlia Pluviophile and Toshiba "Deafenie" Stevens. Murdered by Mr. Whispers, trapped in Hell.

Othi Meadows

Volunteered to take the pill alongside Raine. Becomes inhabited by Porcelain, but not overwritten. Is often used as a Host against their will by Cody. Murdered by Mr. Whispers, becomes a Tulpa.

Daniel Jackson

Ran a shop selling "magical and anomalous" items with a co-worker, whom was crushing on him, named Peach. Peach lead him to the building behind his therapist's office, "hallucinating" people without eyes. Daniel supposedly got lost in the building and died. He sold his soul and sight to Lucifer to be resurrected and turned immortal. Roams different realms and dimensions.

Cody Meadows

Sleeper proxy. Is frequently inhabiting Othi's body. He is close to Toby and Ava.

Toby R Willow

Berserker proxy. Toby is an abuse victim and lost his family in a car accident, living with his brother until he ran away. He is close to Cody and Daniel.

Ava Williams

Revenant proxy. Her body resembles Baphomet without wings. Kept a journal about monsters entering her life. She eventually leaves to live with Daniel, Cody, and Toby.

Found this in the description of one of the cult's youtube videos "and they do know it wont work, right? I'm the only one hosting the Original. It wont work. They're delusional thinking I'm dead. This is stupid. Watch them fail. Anyways, that's all, chat. Sorry for venting in general." I'm trying to guess who wrote this, my best guess would be Raine.

Pafonix's notes (REM Sleep Server)

1. Toby's a mean bitch.

2. Some cough up blood.

3. Othi is called whore twice now by Toby so maybe Othi/Cody is the one being abused?

4. Daniel has an adopted daughter.

5. For an odd reason Toby the "eliminator" is running and getting tracked by Ava. (proven false)