The following is a conversation between Ava Williams and Lana Moore

Ava: YOU!!!!!! You know something

Lana: What do I know?

Ava: Let me screenshot it hang on

Lana: Aighty then

Ava: [Screenshot of a comment from Lana's old account. Screenshot reads: "man i hate it when the flash is on when im trying to get a picture of myself. It reveals things no one wants to even conceive"]

Lana: Ah, 'i_like_feferi'. I haven't heard that name in years. But yeah what about it question mark?

Ava: I dont knowwwww it looks important and Daniel told me to ask about it. He wants to know if youre like us

Lana: Hm. I'm like many things, on occasion. What would 'like us' entail?

Ava: Likeeee not being exactly human I guess. Being what others would consider a "monster"

Lana: Sometimes this could refer to one such as me, maybe.

Ava: Elaborate

Lana: Draws the attention of usually hostile animals. Walking with silence even though ones weight may make footsteps heavier. Emotions being rare.

Ava: Hmmmm any type of physical ailments? Such as coughing up blood n stuff

Lana: I cry a substance I don't know of sometimes. It burns my skin.

Ava: You're definitely like us! But but but but do you happen to be on our side of the noble war?

Lana: Well, I'm definitely not against you. You haven't seemed to have outed me for the conspicuous caption.

Ava: Well of course I wouldnt out someone like us but it's still good to know if you're on our side or Abaddon's side

Lana: Well, you got to me before this 'Abaddon' figure, so you've got me on your side, I suppose.

Ava: Good!! If you have more questions, pleasseeee ask ^^

Lana: I don't have many questions, having known about my lineage for quite some time now. I also cannot physically help much with this war that you speak of, though I will be here if you can think of anything I could help out with.

Ava: Lineage? Is your condition hereditary?

Lana: I believe so. I haven't been told much. I can only think this though due to some family having the same quirks as I. Though, they're all distant relatives more than close family.

Ava: Do you feel any connections to any nonhuman entities?

Lana: Mostly just animals, but sometimes with others I meet. I never communicated with them though. Usually they are pretty tall. Taller than me, but I am young so that makes sense. Most of them are broad, as well. As if they were made for battle. I never speak to them because, with the suspicion that they are like me, they wouldn't want to communicate face to face. It's a discomfort.

Ava: !!!! That's probably master!!! He's tall :)

Lana: Neat.

Ava: Yeah! So your family could be connected to him, that happens sometimes. It happened with Scab's family!

Lana: Hm. What is this person's eye color most of the time? Mine changes from a swamp-water green to a darkish blue.

Ava: Scab? I've never seen her eyes

Lana: I mean 'master's.

Ava: He doesn't have eyes or a face at all

Lana: Darn. The eyes just might be a me thing, though. I've only ever met one other person with them.

Ava: Probably!

Lana: Well, I have to go finish eating so I can go back to my reading. I'll get back to you later on, stranger.

Ava: Okay bye!