oh so you think its a game now?

☔Maybe... 🤭☔

i stg i said no fucking tricks

☔Couldn't resist, whoops.🤭☔

its getting dark. im leaving. stay in the woods, the buildings are a sure way to get lost. ill find you tomorrow

☔Roger roger. HAHAHAHAHA! Deafanie says hi.☔

tell her i said sup


☔You took forever, HAHAHAHA should've let me die.☔

uhh no?

☔Why not...?☔

because you're my friend :)

☔Aren't you Deafanie's friend?☔

dude, both of you are my friends



☔I saw Lucille today also, same as usual☔


☔That skittle looking shit.☔

OH MY GOD she does look like a skittle

☔Now we have ONE thing in common...☔

haha yeah