What do people do once they lose their purpose...? All things deteriorate....

February, 2020

☔I found one, I actually found one. It's mine...☔

Love how we're all finding the same ones. 👁️

☔But I found it first. 🤭☔

I found it a few weeks ago. 👁️


Red Door Yellow Door Any Other Colour Door 👁️

☔The Yellow Door is the best door.☔

I haven't gotten a Yellow Door yet 👁️

☔You better start looking more carefully then.☔

They always woke me up before I could get that far. Maybe next time. 👁️

☔You better start looking more carefully then.☔

☔Maybe next time☔

Great. If you come here too I'm gonna be a babysitting business. Smh.

☔Hahaha, so funny☔

I'm being fucking serious

☔How much are you getting payed? 🤭☔


☔Sounds like a problem, huh?☔