You disregard the light. You walk deep into the woods.


And deeper.

You eventually collapse due to exhaustion.

You can't walk anymore. There's been nothing to eat for days, weeks, months, how long have you been walking? Does it even matter? God knows how long you've been in the darkness. You're on the ground, a pathetic mess. Exhausted. Starving. You're going to die here.

Whistling can be heard from above you. You hear whistling. Chirping. If there's a bird here- you're going to kill and eat it. You have to.

You open your eyes, and look up. That is not a bird.

It has long, dirty, tangled hair. Its flesh is dark, and it bears the face of some type of fucked up bird. The face has stitches- is it a mask? You don't know, nor do you care. You're just bird food now. This is how it e-


A splatter of greyish red blood stains your useless, exhausted body as the monster drops to the ground.

"Fuckin' birds," a mans voice says, as you begin to smell cigarette smoke, "God, what's with kids and almost becoming prey. Hey, kid, get up."

You look over to the man. He's wearing a black dress shirt, some type of fancy hat, and a lavender mask with dark eyes. His hair is dark, and his skin is an ashy tan. From what you can see, some of his skin has patches of... eyes?

"I said get up. What are ya, deaf?" he says again, louder.

"I- egh-" you say, before coughing. He pokes you with some sort of cane.

"Ah, shit. C'mon, kiddo. We're getting you a fine, gourmet dinner. Danny style," he says, picking you up.

You black out, but soon wake up sitting in a chair, at a table, across from the man. His mask is off, and he has four eyes. He's also got a stubble of a beard, and his teeth are sharp. You two are in some sort of fancy dining room. The man is eating something that looks like ham.

"Eat up," he says, pointing a fork towards you. You look down, and see your meal is the same as his. You dig in without a second thought, and before you realize, you've finished.

"Damn, kiddo. You've got yourself an appetite," he chuckles, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, "Want some more for that monster stomach of yours?"

You nod, and he heads to the kitchen to gather more. He returns, and sets down your plate.

"Name's Daniel," he says, "Daniel Jackson. Mind telling me yours?" Your heart drops for a second. You can't... you can't remember.

"I don't," you say, stammering, "I don't remember."

"All good, make one up," he laughs. This guy is 100% a dad, no doubts about that. You continue to eat while you think of a name...

"Call me Clownface," you say, chuckling.

"Kids these days and their fuckin' weird names, alright, Clownface, nice to meet you," he says, laughing, "Y'know when I was your age, we called one of our friends Chowder? Yeah, it's not just your generation with the weird names." You look around the room. It's dimly lit by four candles, two on his end of the table, two on yours. There's two other chairs at the table, one of which looks as though it's never used.

"Where are we?" you ask, speaking up.

"This is my place, some of the others call it the 'branch house', for whatever odd reason," he explains, "I swore a bit ago that I'd never let anyone else in here, but you reminded me of an old buddy, so I made an exception. Don't go telling your friends, though." Friends... your mind lingers on that thought for a second, before a short girl and an incredibly thin girl walk in, talking to each other about what seems to be nonsense.

"Ah! Ava, Scab! Meet Clownface," Daniel pipes up as the two walk in.

"Roxy's here?" Ava, the short girl, says, laughing.

"Good guess, but no, this is someone else," he explains, "They apparently don't remember their name, so they said to call them Clownface."

"Fucking weirdo," Scab, the thin girl, exclaims loudly, "I'm sorry," she immediately apologizes. Scab is wearing a strange mask, it slightly resembles a rabbit's head. Her skin is covered in cuts and open wounds.

Ava is wearing a gothic dress, with fishnet stockings and a choker. Her skin is incredibly pale, but has parts that look like pitch black veins, especially around her mouth and eyes.

The two girls don't sit down, but just stand there looking at you.