He scritches and scratches at my silly little door. Can you hear his whispers?

Hey, DJ.

Want to hear a hot take?

We all die the same.

This is known, isn’t it? You’ve seen death. I’ve seen death. And it’s always the same.

Whether it be the family pet, a close relative, or even a stranger, it’s all the same.

It’s lonely, yet peaceful. You or that person is finally at peace.

Or so you think.

Is there such thing as an afterlife? Do you get lucky, and go to heaven? Or are you sinful, and go to hell?

Whether it be a car crash or drowning, death is all the same.

I wish you knew this.

You’re so gullible, all of you. You believe things that people tell you because they’re in a book. The Bible is full of truths and lies, devotion and delusion. It is also full of shit, haha.

I should’ve known you would react this way.

I’m sorry.

I miss you.

I’ve found something for you.

Come quickly. Behind your therapist’s office, in the woods, I’ve found something.

You’ll enjoy this one for sure.

Please come back.

I didn’t mean to leave without you.

I’m so sorry, DJ.

Please forgive me.

The people there were looking at us, but they didn’t have eyes, I just got so scared and ran off.

Please... I miss you.

I like walking in the woods. In forests at night. It gives me a calm sense of safety. Is that normal?

What does she have that I don’t.