Thursday, April 8, 2021, 12:04pm

ROXY: here we go. so treehugger's probs just gonna ask u questions abt funny goat man

TREE HUGGER: "Funny goat man"?

ROXY: taunt, he's a funny goat man


ROXY: yes

SUSIE: I’m currently cleaning so it may take me a while to respond

TREE HUGGER: Okay. Talk to me when you're not occupied though

SUSIE: Alright, I’m back

TREE HUGGER: Okay. Firstly, I would like you to explain how you got to the point where you are currently with Taunt (paraphrase). Secondly, please elaborate how you feel when he is around (i.e. apprehensive, happy, calm, etc).

SUSIE: Well to answer the first question, I don’t exactly recall when it started but I was in a very low point of my life. I was having a bunch of mental issues and was in a deep state of depression. It started happening when I saw Taunt throughout dreams then they just became reality. I don’t exactly know if this creature is the same you all are talking about it but it seems like it. To answer the second question I feel nostalgic in a way but like there’s something wrong with it. It’s like being happy but in the back of your mind you have sudden guilt or worry.

TREE HUGGER: Mm. Good to know. Did Taunt call himself "Taunt"? Or introduce himself?

SUSIE: No, he did not introduce himself. He just started replying to that name.

TREE HUGGER: Okay. It's possible that he just accepted that as a title. Nothing isnt really nameless. This could be Taunt, and it could not be. Simple as that. Different spirits can act similarly. Has he ever tried to possess you? Or, rather, have you accumulated any black marks on your physical form? Those seem to be a side effect

SUSIE: Well, black liquids have started appearing if that helps? Like there’s some black liquid on my desk and a lot of other places

TREE HUGGER: Hm. But it's not forming veins in your arm, correct? Does it stain?

SUSIE: Well yes it stains and it’s gotten on my skin once or twice but not in my veins. Once it took me a week to get it off of me and my stuff

ROXY: i think veins only happen on hosts

SUSIE: Possibly

ROXY: mainly bc of Ava having them. also ava described his presence as being like morphine, so the nostalgic feeling kinda lines up


ROXY: can you describe the consistency of it and what it feels like?

SUSIE: Very cold, it doesn’t really stick but it stains

ROXY: hm

TREE HUGGER: "Hm" indeed