March 14, 2020, 9:58pm

ROSA: Lucille, long time no see! I was laying low, you see.. \\\\ was about to have me as breakfast! Please do not let him know we speak, I'd rather shred myself than go through that again!

LUCILLE: I won't be speaking to him anytime soon.

ROSA: Right, was he a big meanie? What did he say?

LUCILLE: I deleted the conversation. Have you come to repent?

ROSA: Repent? Well, I do apologize for not speaking to you, Wolf said I shouldn't, and he appeared angry, and I was frightened

LUCILLE: Pray to me.

ROSA: Lucille, forgive me! I truly am guilty. I am no longer frightened of him, no longer! I wasn't the one that told \\\\ nevertheless. \\\\\ did. I wouldn't snitch!

LUCILLE: You are forgiven.

ROSA: Ah, thank you! How much did you miss me?

LUCILLE: I didn't really notice your absence. I had other things to do.

ROSA: Ah..

LUCILLE: Anyways, you spoke to Porcelain today, yes?

ROSA: I did! She is quite pleasant!

LUCILLE: Yes, that she is.

ROSA: You don't appear too pleased, what is the matter Lucille?

LUCILLE: I'm not sure.

ROSA: Ah, would you like to speak about it? I find that always helps

LUCILLE: I guess.

ROSA: Well, go ahead. I'll listen!

LUCILLE: As of late, I'm losing motivation. This form isn't sufficient for what I have planned.

ROSA: Oh? Does it lack stamina? Or bodily strength?


ROSA: Ah, can you not get a new form? Is it difficult?

LUCILLE: I need to wait until everything is set.

ROSA: Oh! Well, I can't wait!

LUCILLE: Your enthusiasm reminds me of Her.

ROSA: Who?

LUCILLE: Stephanie.

ROSA: Ah, I've never met her. Is it unpleasant? I could stop

LUCILLE: It's near impossible to meet her nowadays. No, I enjoy talking to you.

ROSA: As do I! I've missed you these few months, dear Lucille! Why can't you meet her, then? Is she hiding? Pop goes the weasel!

LUCILLE: She was never real to begin with.

ROSA: I see. Well, it seems you don't wish for her to appear before you ever again, pfft

LUCILLE: Well, I would've liked to at least say "Hi" to her, before it had to end.

ROSA: Pfft, well I'm sure you'll get your chance to do so

LUCILLE: I hope.

ROSA: What have you been doing these days?

LUCILLE: I think Porcelain told you.

ROSA: Well, somewhat. I have poor memory, you see, pfft.

LUCILLE: I've been Keeping people.

ROSA: The R053s, you mean?


ROSA: Sigh, nothing ever does feel true any longer..


ROSA: You see, I've been struggling as of late. There are too many stories, too many facades and too many liars. I've no idea whom I must believe

LUCILLE: Well, I can assure you one thing. I hate liars.

ROSA: I'm unsure I believe even myself. Who likes them?

LUCILLE: I believe you.

ROSA: I appreciate that, Lucille. I often wonder if it is all but a dream. A silly, twisted dream. The more you struggle the harder it pulls you in

LUCILLE: I sometimes wonder that as well.

ROSA: Haven't we all wondered once? This chaotic universe full of mysteries, how on earth could it exist? Do we exist at all? Perhaps this is all my minds' doing.

LUCILLE: Perhaps. We may never know. I may just be part of your imagination. I wouldn't know. Sometimes it's best to stay neutral.

ROSA: Indeed. I've grown weary of mysteries, I wish I could be given an answer. Any answer.

LUCILLE: Don't we all.

ROSA: Yes, that we do. I'm unsure whether I'm unhappy or thrilled these days. Am I simply pretending?

LUCILLE: Why not be both?

ROSA: Well, that is the question. What if I am both?

LUCILLE: That would be fine.

ROSA: I'm not sure I'll live much longer, Lucille

LUCILLE: Well, why do you think that?

ROSA: No matter how hard I try, I continue losing weight. The world spins nonstop. I've grown sickly and weak.

LUCILLE: Oh dear. That doesn't sound too good.

ROSA: It doesn't. I'd like to live, of course, however when ones' time comes, it comes.

LUCILLE: If I knew how to help, I would try. But I'm afraid I don't know how to help.

ROSA: It cannot be helped when death knocks on the door. You may either open it, or try to run.

LUCILLE: I suppose so.

ROSA: Forgive me, this must have ruined your mood further

LUCILLE: No, forgive me. I am being too distant.

ROSA: It is not your fault what you are feeling, Lucille