JACK: Itsd sooo coldf

ROXY: WHAT THE FUCK? I thought you were dead?? Are you okay????

JACK: 8 thoght I wass too, unti I founnd water


ROXY: Hey spider

SPIDER: :) Hi Roxy

ROXY: How are ya?

SPIDER: I'm ok mainly feeling a mix of euphoria and dread. You?

ROXY: I'm kinda concerned about Jack

SPIDER: What's up with Jack?

ROXY: He was taken by the Tall Man

SPIDER: Oh shit

ROXY: But apparently he's alive??

SPIDER: So he's a servant now?

ROXY: I'm not sure

SPIDER: The photo is glitchy. That usually suggests nightmare or inhumanity's presence

ROXY: Yeah

SPIDER: Considering he was taken by a nightmare.... That's not good

ROXY: Yeah. I'm highkey worried ab him

SPIDER: Are you in the same world as him?

ROXY: I think so. Considering I've never actually met him, I can't be too sure