January 8, 2020, 10:07pm

JESSICA: Jerrica, listen. I look at your account so much just because I'm wondering if I'm going to make the same mistakes. I always realize that i made worse mistakes. I'm sorry for everything Stephanie, Lucille, and everyone else put you through. It's not your fault. I know you and Stephanie made a deal. But please. If anything ever comes up again. I don't want you making the same mistakes.

AMI: My mistake was losing faith so quickly. I should have trusted her or tried to help instead of taking things into my own hands.

JESSICA: It took me ages to lose faith. I see now it was nothing but a ruse. We're all just their stepping stones in a war over divinity.

AMI: I don't know what you mean.

JESSICA: Exactly. You weren't there. You haven't done research.

AMI: I only know what I have lived.

JESSICA: Exactly. You're just a small conflict in a larger war.

AMI: I'm not anything, Jess. I just want to be saved. To be useful.

JESSICA: But is it worth it?

AMI: For me? Yes.

JESSICA: Was going through all the pain and suffering worth it? Just to be hated? You know how much people despise the name 'Ami' by this point? So you keep hiding as Apple! Is it really fucking worth it knowing what you did? Is it?

AMI: Yes. She was my friend. She gave me so much. All she asked was for one little thing.

JESSICA: How is it bearable? Having to hide behind a mask of another person's face? How do you do it??

AMI: I'm not hiding.

JESSICA: If I went ahead and revolted like you did, I could never even try to act like Stephanie just to hide from all the shame and hatred. I wouldn't be able to handle it.

AMI: I'm not ashamed. You think I lost. The answer was God. Not Stephanie. I accepted because I believe. I always did. Or wanted to.

JESSICA: There is no god, Jerrica. There's nothing out there. If there was a god, they've already given up on this wasted planet. I would know. I hate to break it to you.

AMI: I choose Stephanie as my God.

JESSICA: In that case, I'm sorry for what's about to happen, haha!

AMI: God... I really can't help you now, can I?

JESSICA: You also won't be able to help your precious Stephanie when she's screaming for mercy in the woods.

AMI: Don't feed me your lies, witch. I know it's all a game. I know she was never real.

LUCILLE: Well, I'll killing the one behind Stephanie, of course. I already tracked down her location.

AMI: Killing them will bring you nothing, Lucille. Just numbness.

LUCILLE: It would bring attention to me! Obsession, to feed on! Simple.

AMI: What a waste. I know you're lying. They all know. You're not some supernatural entity. Just a girl. Just a waste.

LUCILLE: Yeah, it fucking sucks, doesn't it? But it's fun killing those fakers over and over and over again! 🙂

AMI: Violence is repulsive. Human nature is repulsive.

LUCILLE: Now who said anything about me being human?

AMI: That's all there is.

LUCILLE: Tch. Wouldn't you be surprised.

AMI: The tough act is old Lucille. If there were more you wouldn't follow the same habits as the rest of this forsaken dead end of a species. Stephanie knew that there was a better way.

LUCILLE: Stephanie means nothing to me. Never did. Only meant anything to Jessica. She wanted to be her. Me.

AMI: I'm too tired for this. Let me rest in peace.

LUCILLE: Sure. Just, let Porcelain in next time. She's had a long drive.