Blossom's mother never wanted a child but after one misplaced one night stand, she had a child and a boyfriend who had no idea the child wasn't his. Henry and Michelle White got married not long after finding out about the pregnancy, Henry none the wiser to his wifes infidelity. Michelle was always distant to Blossom, working a lot and usually unable to look her in the eye. At first Henry chalked it up to post partum depression but soon learned the truth. He became angry and bitter but the couples religious beliefs prevented them from getting a divorce.

They stuck it out and as Blossom got older, her home life only got worse. Her mother couldn't bare to look at her and her father grew to hate her. He would degrade her and tell her how she was a mistake and should've never been born. He never laid a finger on her but his words hurt more than a punch could. Blossom started spending less and less time at home, becoming a bubbly, "happy" girl who everyone wanted to be friends with. From outside the home everything looked normal. Blossoms family was one of actors, able to play the part of the loving family in public.

Blossom grew to love her best friend, a girl named Elizabeth Hanson. They'd been friends since elementary school and during high school the two girls ended up becoming more than friends. They started a secret relationship in sophomore year, hiding it from their religious parents. Blossoms more obsessive behavior became obvious. She wanted to know where Elizabeth was at all times. Eventually it got to the point where Blossom began stalking her, wanting to make sure she was safe at all times. It came to a head when Elizabeth was almost mugged. Blossom had stepped in and attacked the attacker, knocking him out and making sure Elizabeth was alright. Elizabeth was shaken up and later that night she asked Blossom how she'd been there. Blossom told her the truth and Elizabeth snapped upon finding out she had been stalked. Elizabeth broke up with Blossom but decided not to tell the cops or anything because she still cared about Blossom. However even after they were broken up, Blossom continued stalking her. She texted her and sent her gifts, believing that she could win her back. The harassment only ended when Elizabeth moved away to college.

Blossom found a new victim, believing that if she found out everything about this woman before she dated her than the relationship would go perfectly. She could mold herself into what Isabella Stanford wanted. She could be perfect. After over a year of stalking Isabella she started to make contact, sending her gifts and notes. It distressed her when Isabella was afraid. She hadn't meant to scare her. Blossoms behavior escalated and she broke in a few times, drugging Isabella and watching her as she slept. However one day in August 2020, Isabella had a plan. She pretended to be asleep and caught Blossom red handed. She almost screamed but Blossom grabbed her and choked her to shut her up. Blossom accidentally killed Isabella and she put the body back in bed, decorating her with flowers and such to show her remorse.

She escaped and moved to Nashville where she was able to stave off the urge to find a new victim for a while, the guilt of murdering Isabella eating her up inside. However after she got fired from her new job she broke, finding a new victim. Blossom never made contact with Jillian, silently stalking her from the shadows, careful to not get too close as she was haunted by her crimes. However Jillian died when the world ended, becoming a Hallowed. It almost broke Blossom and she didn't intend on ever finding another victim, trying to focus on surviving. Until she saw Lucille. She was perfect. Too perfect. Blossom couldn't stay away. And that's where our story begins.